Since graduating summa cum laude from Western States Chiropractic College, Dr. Holderegger has dedicated herself to the study of human movement. Her passion is to help her patients re-discover natural and anatomically correct movement patterns. This allows the body to be efficient, at ease and suffer the least possible wear and tear. A very active person, she knows first-hand how important it is to maintain good habits in our stressful world, and how much regular care helps ensure one's well-being now and in the long term!

Dr. Holderegger is the only US practitioner of Spiraldynamik, a Swiss therapy based on anatomically correct movement. She is also certified in Fascial Manipulation as taught by Luigi Stecco.. In addition, she practices Graston Technique (GT), an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and is trained in craniosacral therapy. Her treatment style focuses on gentle active and passive mobilization as well as drop table and on occasion diversified or instrument adjusting.

Dr. Holderegger enjoys integrating her love for animals into her work. She is an AVCA certified animal chiropractor and practices Healing Touch for Animals. About one fifth of her patients is of the four-legged variety. To date she has treated dogs, cats, alpacas, horses, goats, a rabbit and even a lizard!

In her free time Dr. Holderegger enjoys mountaineering and rock climbing, volunteering for Portland Mountain Rescue, bicycling, going for a run, playing cello and working on building her cedar strip kayak.